Emberview's rEBECCA rOSE @ wHYTE 4 pAWS


Beca  is a Black Tri with brown eyes. Beca is Genitally Health tested clear She is a 3 Generation Emberview Aussie. Beca stands 11" and weighs appox 12 lbs  born Nov 17 2017. Beca is a tru and honest friend loves sitting beside up or close to you a differently Velcro dog. She loves to go for runs and play ballanything that is going to keep your attention for her. She is totally enjoyed.

Emberview's 88.7 AT The River


River is a Black Bi with 2 bright blue eyes. She is a Daughter of Lucy now retired and Scooter.. River is a carrier of the MRD1 Gene and clear for everything else and will only be bred to a clear male. River is a bit standoffish at first with strangers but once she knows you its lap time. Loves her runs and down to River time and actually trying to catch the fish. River loves hunting moles and mice out in the field can occupy her for hours.  River is a med Toy standing 12.5" and weights in at 15 lbs. River gets along with every one. 

Emberviews Weeping Willow

  Willow is a red merle with stunning colours. Deep red with nice  rich cooper tones and amber eyes.  Willow stands only 11" and weighs appox 10 lbs. Willow likes fetching and playing out at the farm. Willow is in a co owned home with her family The Passinghams. Willow loves playing with her companion, Ozzie an Emberview dog. She is a CassieLu and Cooper daughter. so 3 rd Generation girl.  She is a little reserved towards strangers until she gets to know you then all happy happy. Willow is med energy dog. Willow is a carrier only of MRD1 clear for HC and PRCD1

Emberview's Little Rodeo Lexi


 Lexi is a blue merle with 1 blue eye and a 1/2 blue eye . She stands 13" and weighs appox 15 lbs.  Lexi is a Surrey daughter who is a Dundee Kahlua daughter so Lexi is a 3 rd generation Emberview girl. Surrey is a little stand offish with strangers but after she warms up all is good. She is a great swimmer like her Grandpa as seen in one of the pictures of them swimming together. Lexi is clear thru parentage. Lexi is very clever learning lots of tricks. She is fast and we really should get out to do some agility with her.  Lexi lives at my daughter but is out at the farm often and gets along with the other dogs and cats here. 




Tetley is a black Tri with  nice copper colouring and 2 dark eyes. Tetley stands appox 12" and weights in at 13 lbs. Tetleys comes from a  Grand daughter of Dundee and and from a Stoverlys girl named Action they are the grand parents of Tetley. Tetley is a smarty and is just a big suck that loves people and other animals but not fond of big dogs for some reason. Tetley is a pleasure to be around. Tetley is clear thru parentage. Med Energy level. She is one of my favorites. 

Hughes Toys Emberview's Down by the River with Faris


Faris is a Black Tri with nice Cooper and 2 bright Blue eyes a BET. Faris came to us from Hughes Toy Aussies in Oregon at about a year old so we could get the blue eye Tri Gene in our lines. Faris is timid with strangers and was hoping she would get over it maybe with some more time, even thou she was very good at the Pet Expo in Toronto walking around with 100s of people but she just rather not bother with them. Faris is a mini from toy lines and stands 15 " tall and weighs appox 24 lbs. Faris gets along with other animals and the cats. She is a beautiful girl. Med to high energy level. Faris is clear thru parentage.  

Emberview's Skys the limit

 Sky is a beautiful Blue Merle with double blue eyes.  Sky loves people and other animals and the cats.  She has med energy level  She has a thick but manageable coat like her mom Denin  Sky is about 13" tall weighing about 18.5 lbs.  Sky is clear for HC and PRCD1 but a carrier of MRD1 and will only be bred to a clear male.  Sky is a grand daughter of Dundee. Sky is out of Denim who was a daughter of Dundee and Kahula. Denim her mom is now retired.making her a 3 rd generation Emberview dog. Skys dad was Rusty who is also now retired. Shy would be classed as med Engery level.



Dandy is a Black Tri with some really rich copper with dark eyes. Dandy stands 12.5" and weighs 12 lbs. Dandy loves everyone she is over friendly. and limited bark. She is a full sister to Mia who's parents Buckshot and Jane are now both in Australia. She is a carrier of PRCD and clear on everything else. Dandy is med to high energy level. Dandy is what i call the Love bug. 



 Addie was out of Sassy a Color Country dog 13.5" and about 20 lbs and Emberview's Travel man who was 10 " and appox 10 lbs Lives in a co-owned home in Oakville with her mom Sassy and family Addie's is appox 12 lbs and about 12" She a sweet girl that just loves her people    

Born June 25 2018  

Emberview's Fire and Ice


Rozy is a Red Tri with 1 blue eye 1 green eye. She stands 13"  and weighs appox 18 lbs  Rozy is out of  Cricket a Dundee daughter and out of Tiny that went to Australia. Rozy's an easy going girl. She very smart listen well. pretty quiet girl.  Does the Dundee cross my legs lots. Rozy is clear for her health testing. .She a great size and very cute. Rozy is med Energy level and  Born Aug 17 2018