Toy and Mini Aussies and Maine Coons

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         Coat & Grooming:   Does require some grooming.   They have a double coat and will shed their winter coats but will hold the coat, unlike a single coated dog such as a lab for example. With regular brushing, the shedding can be minimal. There is more shedding in spring and fall so more brushing is required.          

Health Concerns:   Can carry the MDR1 gene.   They can have a sensitivity to certain drugs. Eyes should also be tested for Hereditary Cataracts     

Here at Emberview   

We are selectively breeding the Toy /Mini Aussie with less herding, lower energy and more service companion dog traits.  In our opinion, the loyalty, intelligence and beauty of the Toy Mini Aussie is unmatched by other breeds.  Our "pick of litter" is the Perfect Family Pet.


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Characteristics  Much like the mini and similar to the standard. Very clever, loyal dogs but some can be reserved so need a lot of socializing when young.

Health testing. PRCD, HC, MRD1

Very important that the parents before being breed are all health. for healthier puppies.

Colours: They come in a wide range of colours; Black and/or Red Tri colours, Black and white, Red and White, Blue and Red Merles.  There are a couple more colours but this is usaully what we have. Some have blue eyes and some of the reds have green eyes. We have added the blue tri lines into our breeding program from Hughes Toy Aussies.

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