Mia is a blue merle with 1 blue eye and a partial blue. Mia is a whole 10" and 8 lbs Mia is Health tested clear. Mia is a full sister to Dandy and out of Jane and Buckshot who are now both in Australia. Mia is med to high energy for her size. Mia loves everyone love attention and herding everything and the other animals and loves mothering the kittens, she should make an excellent mom. Loves kisses 

Emberview's Cast a Shadow


Shadow is a good representative of the Toy Aussie. Shadow stands 11" and weights appox 14 lbs. Has close to 2 blue eyes nice colour with some deep cooper tones. Shadow is a 3 rd generation Emberview Aussie. Shadow loves hiking on the trails. She is a med energy level dog. Shadow is Generically Health tested clear. She is a Buckshot daughter who is also now in Australia with Tiny and 3 girls..Lexi loves to walking, hiking and chasing squirrels. they've had her in obedience and she did quite well. She can be abit reserved around people and some dogs. at the start. However once she gets to know them she is friendly. She likes kids and will go up to them without reservation. Litter planned this fall 2020 




PIPER born Dec 31/18 Piper isa gorgeous Blue merle with double blue eyes. Piper is a med size Toy. standing at 12.5" and weighs appox 16 lbs. Pier would be a med energy dog, She loves everyone and the other animals and the cats too.Piper loves her 4 wheeling runs playing ball and swimming down at the River. Piper is a carrier of PRCD and clear for HC and MRD1. Piper is an Allie daughter from Southern Belle Kennels and a Dundee daughter so a 2 generation Girl

Emberview's Racing in Rue Time


Rue was Born MAR 13/19 Rue is a Black Tri BET 2 bright blue eyes. She has stunning colours. Rue leads a busy live with my niece who runs The Baby Critter Club Pet sitting in Toronto so she has lots of dogs and kitties to keep up with. Rue is a mini and stands 17" and appox 28 lbs at this point.  She is more high energy level than most of mine  Rue is very clever. Her mom Valentine2 came from Hughes Toy Aussies in Oregon bred to Baxter down there to bring in some new lines. She is sisters to Blu a red Tri a toy and Tia a red Tri mini

Emberview's Its either Red or Blu


Blu is a Red Tri with double blue eyes she is a Toy standing at 13" and appox 20 lbs. Blue lives in Thornton with her family and 2 other Emberview Brothers. Blue is Med energy level. She is Genically Health tested clear thru Parentage. Blu is a sweet girl loves all her adventures with her family from hiking to boating and swimming. Blu was born Mar 13 2019 . She is sisters to Rue and Tia and was the only puppy out of the litter to stay a toy. 

Emberview's My Sweet Tia


Tia was Born Mar 13 2019. Tia stands at 16.5" and weighs appox 26 lbs. She is a gentle girl . She loves her family and playing with the kids.Doing some adventures and hiking. Tia is sisters to Blu and Rue

Emberview's Stir the Pot of Chili


Chili is a Red Merle with double blue eyes. She was born Nov 8 2019 Chili is a large Toy standing at 13" and weighs appox 16 lbs.  She is clear thru Parentage with her health testing. Chili lives with my daughter but does spend alot of time at Grandma's Loves coming out to see all the other dogs and her runs with the ATV and down to the river trips. She is good with all the animals and cats.